Khazamula wit'a mic

Khazamula wit'a mic

About Me

Khazamula wit'a mic is a Mabopane born Rapper, Poet, Historian & Creative. Raised in the poverty striken streets in Mabopane his life events are told in his music as a way of painting a picture of his environment, neighborhood, ambitions and struggles. His music is music for everyday people. It touches everyday lived experience of ordinary people & the black experiences. His music engages emotion, experiences, abstract concepts & life in general. His style is a fusion of original lyrical classical rap, and a style called "The never heard befores of the universe" His music does not engage issues based on trends nor does it align itself with popularist ideas He aims to travel the world through music. Experience varying realities more than anything. Being able to engage diverse nations, cultures & histories. It music aims to encourage liberation, Free creative space,Freedom of expression,Social consciousness & Youth activism in public spaces & black collaboration

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