Troy Da Fly_ZA

Troy Da Fly_ZA

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Troy Da Fly_ZA is a South African artist locate in Saulspoort. Troy Da Fly_ZA was born in a humble village called mantserre in North West where he began his music as a young star.He began his music journey in 2006 when he was attending his primary school in Mmamodimokwane Primary School.And by that time his parents didn't support his dream of being and artist .They often told him he is wasting his time by trying to invest his effort in something he couldn't do.They would hide his music book so that he can neglect to write songs .But his zeal couldn't stop him from doing what he is good at to a point where he received attention from his school mates and teachers/community. And eventually he grew a fanbase in saulspoort (Moruleng) .

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