About Me

Mluleki Ndzoto aka Kesto_26 was born in Cape Town. Kesto_26 is a hip hop artist, started doing music in the year 2004. He started in a group called SOG( Sounds of the Ghetto)where the did various genres like kwaito hiphop and ragga. The group split in 2007 and Hola4 came into existence where they recorded an album under Uhadi music. In 2008 Kesto_26 went solo focusing on breaking into the hip hop scene. He released few singles titled "Straight out of Ghetto"and Ndzwakazi". He went on to share a stage with the likes of Zola, Mandoza, Freshly Ground, Mzambiya & Chippa, Mafikizilo, Pro Kid, and the list goes on. He is currently pushing his latest Massive Disstraction EP which has 8 tracks that was release on the 4th of March 2017 and has already shot a video for his first single titled K.E.S.T.O ft Lyrically Devine and Mawezza. He’s recently featured on Ctv’s Ekse Show.

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